Four Pillars of Excellence – The Excellence Academy

Four Pillars of Excellence

The Excellence Academy’s Four Pillars For Student Success

We have high expectations of our Academy students!  We encourage our young people to be curious – to become their very best, to excel.  Every day students can expect to be engaged – by their teachers – through activities and resources that may not be routinely at their fingertips.

Our teachers model learning, inquiry, research, and ultimately, discovery.  Count on The Excellence Academy to offer a caring and supportive environment – one which is supported by a strong foundation of:

  • Curiosity
  • Building A Community of Achievers
  • Researchers Producing Researchers, Scholars Producing Scholars!
  • Teachers Involved in Student Learning

    Avowing these tenets at our core, The Excellence Academy is intentional to promote student creativity – having its own signature of personal expression.  Share in the excitement of our emphasis on inquiry, collaborative learning, integration of technology to actualize students who epitomize that choice – not chance – determines dreams, values, and destiny.


    One of the most important things we can do as leaders in the community is to provide to our children, a strong foundation in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Excellence Academy has established partnerships where students can have a spiritual foundation while obtaining a quality academic education in a personalized setting. I am grateful and humbled that we have this chance to make a difference for future generations.

    – John H. Christian, Commissioner