What We Offer – The Excellence Academy

What We Offer

Science and Technology

1We offer a strong Science program with a broad range curriculum for all achievement levels. Having faith as our foundation, The Academy instills in our students that all things are possible – that all can conquer any course! We create a culture of success in science and engineering. Unique partnerships afford students research opportunities unlike those in any traditional academic environment. Simply put, our students enjoy learning opportunities; our students love to learn! Academy students become some of the best in the world in science and engineering.

Student Activities

2The Excellence Academy generates high quality educational experiences by which students create work, make inquiry through targeted research, communicate using collaborative tools, and participate in student activities. Many discover the convenience of video conferencing to present findings, and others enjoy the unique dissemination of information that virtual labs afford.

Strings and The Arts

3Each student engages in the arts daily. Students begin our strings program in second grade. Student performances, held in traditional black box setting are held in partnership with the local performing arts center. Individual creative expression is strongly encouraged and supported.


what-we-offer-athleticsThe Excellence Academy students may enjoy volleyball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, and much more. With our partnership with a local athletic association, athletic offerings are expanding. The Excellence Academy is proud to be a NCAA affiliate, which benefits student athletes as they transition into college athletic programs.


“His divine power has provided to all of us an unyielding faith in salvation. My quest as an educator has been to encourage children to grow in faith and in thanksgiving knowing that through Christ, you can do ALL things.”

~ Faylene Welcome, Director of Operations