Partner – The Excellence Academy


Why Become A Member School?

Networking with schools who have a similar mission and vision is so important. Member schools pay a low annual fee and receive these benefits:

  • Work with an Accredited Independent Private Faith-Based Partner Online School, not just a curriculum provider or corporation. Your mission is our mission!
  • Our team of educators and administrators hold advanced degrees, have hundreds of years combined service in education, and know what it takes to meet the unique needs of your students.
  • Discounted prices for virtual class enrollments. Extend your course offerings, provide for students who are off campus, build your own virtual environment, expand your onsite digital curriculum, and more.
  • Unlimited access to live and recorded webinars.  Administrators, teachers and staff can participate in online training and complete follow up activities for in-service credit.


“St. Therese has been a partner school since 2010. By incorporating online classes, our blended learning model has allowed us to graduate Catholic high school students for the first time in over 50 years, ” John Brainard, Superintendent


This year’s topics include:

How do I prepare for 1:1 devices? How do we select digital curriculum or resources? How do I write lessons to incorporate digital assets in the classroom? What is Instructional Design and how does it change lesson plans for today’s schools? How do I evaluate teacher lessons in a digital environment? What policy changes should we think about when going digital? How do I hire for this new environment? Financing a Blended Learning environment? Finding resources for Religious Education for today’s students? And much more…