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Love where you go to school! Complete the application and registration process today. One of our support specialists will contact you within 24 hours to help you get enrolled into the classes that can help you secure your future today!




The Excellence Academy

We register full time students, part time students, and we partner with brick and mortar schools to help them meet the needs of their students.

Personalize your Educational Plan to meet your lifestyle!

  • Looking for a flexible schedule due to sports schedules?
  • Are you a performer or artist who needs to travel or spend time in the studio?
  • Do you need to travel for your extracurricular activities?
  • Does your family travel for work and you need to take classes online part of the time?
  • Are you at a school that doesn’t offer the subject you need to take and you can take it online?
  • Did you fail a course, or need credit recovery?
  • Are you an advanced student who needs an accelerated program of study?
  • Do you need alternative programs due to medical or other special needs?
  • Are you home schooled but need help with specific subjects, lab activities, etc.?

American International Diploma options available for foreign nationals hoping to attend Colleges and Universities in the United States. Please contact us for more information.

International Advanced Diploma option available for advanced American students who work with a college level curriculum.

At The Excellence Academy, students learn from subject matter experts who use curriculum, supplemental resources, online tools, and more to deliver a rigorous academic program.  Using effective communication strategies, students are encouraged to engage actively with peers throughout the school term or year.

To schedule a webinar please email info@theexcellence.academy or click here.




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